In the modern world, you find colleges and schools mushroomed around you. Hence an innocent student, just finds it difficult how to ascertain which college or course is good for him or her. It is really difficult. But there are some basic rules. First there is a general rule and that is the reputation of a particular institute. Then you should ask for the credentials, browse the website, or if the office or school is nearby, visit yourself. See the accreditations, curriculum, fees, faculty etc. Then make notes, and sit down to compare all the details. Only then you should make a choice. Because on this choice, your future depends.


Yorks College is a private, well established distance learning institutionalized company. Our staff and faculty are well experienced and professional. Yorks College has also earned an international reputation as the providers of onsite workshops and training Courses in basic management sectors including specialised courses in Soft Skills which have become the need of the day for all, the job seekers, already employed as well as the self-employed to enhance their own capabilities besides by the employers to train their staff to achieve further success. Yorks College thus has earned its top place among the well known private institutions globally and is regarded as one of the highly respected educational institutions in Canada and the UK. It has been associated with renowned Academicians, Doctors and professional Management Consultants.


Yorks College specialises in delivering 100% online & long distance academic education on global basis – tailored to the needs of working professionals. Our dedicated faculty is in constant communication with the students all over the world. It collaborates, manages and solves problems across different time zones and language barriers, all the while meeting a succession of tight deadlines. Our online programmes teach skills that are relevant to today’s health & business environment.


Not only this, where the time-starved populace prefer online courses, the management and technical institutes, employers in almost all business segments, and schools and colleges now prefer onsite workshops which could practically demonstrate and teach the students, employees, employers, as well as would be employees alike. This time-tested method of teaching through presentations, lectures, demonstrations, discussions, debates, case studies and feed back system has immense and immediate affect on the human minds and make them understand the relevant courses which immediately fulfills the purpose of the study.


Our professional and experienced faculty knows how to deliver. In the workshops, it is not only the course material, lectures or presentations which matter but it is the person, his or her personality, approach, sense of humour, experience, qualifications and knowledge which create an environment to touch the hearts, minds and souls of the learners. During our workshops, we provide course materials (where required) in the form of brochure, CDs, and printed matter for the convenience of the learners to achieve the set goals.


We are proud of who we are, and are able to offer a nice friendly, caring service to every student who enrolls with us unlike many of the major institutions where students can easily become just a number. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide. We take as much pleasure from a student completing a course as they do. Each of the courses supplied by Yorks College consists of only accredited course manuals, aimed at helping every student along their chosen career path. Everything is done in the traditional manner using books. In fact many of the books used by us are also used at many colleges worldwide.


We believe everyone deserves an education, regardless of one’s background, age or experience. We are determined to make our courses available to everyone and thus, have many payment options for the convenience of our students. Our fee plans suit every student. As our mission is just to provide education, we take pride in listening to the problems of our students, whether they are related to their studies or careers, finances or others, our specialist personal guidance provide them solutions to all their needs. We only need from our students just the desire & commitment to succeed. We do the rest!!!


Most of our online courses come with full unlimited support via email or telephone depending on the course(s). See course listing for details. You should never have a problem contacting us. even if its just for a general chat. We never want students to feel they are on their own. All new students are welcome to discuss any of their problems with the faculty, with the management or among themselves through student conference programmes online or otherwise. We even help you chose the course so that you not only get through in flying colours but also to make you a professional to earn money and prestige in life. Similarly, our workshop and classroom training modules are not only till there is physical interaction at the venue but even after that if any of the students have any questions, we even dont mind providing one to one training where required. Remember! We are here to help.


Thanks and good luck..

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