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I take this privilege  to introduce my close friend Dr. Ashok Kumar ‘Anand’ to you.  Dr. Ashok Anand is a Consultant in Western Herbology. He is a Cardiac Rehab Specialist applying Natural Medicine, Dietetics and Science of Nutrition. Dr. Anand is one of the best known Herbalists who has successfully integrated human psychology with spirituality and natural medicine to yield best results to heal mind-body conditions. He is a practitioner of his own kind and has established that simply professional-spiritual-positive counselling in various medical conditions can entirely change a patient’s outlook towards life. Little  efforts in life style change can do wonders in the treatment of various diseases. He treats and cures his patients by simply making them believe in themselves and creating an understanding that a positive and healthy mind is going to change the entire physical body and its problems for the better. Irrespective of one’s religious beliefs and different cultures, the integration of life-style changes along with a nutritious and balanced diet + positive outlook towards the existence around, one can lead absolutely a healthy life. Dr. Ashok Anand having great knowledge of the conventional medicine also, believes that the integration of alternative and complementary therapies with allopathy can better answer the burgeoning health problems worldwide. According to the WHO data, about 80% of the world population is dependent entirely on Complementary and Alternative Medicine System.

The meaning of good health becomes relevant to the common man only when there is social awareness about the health in any society. Dr. Anand’s experience working with different cultures and communities around the world, especially in Canada, the UK and Indian sub-continent for over 25 years, has transformed him from being a medicine-oriented practitioner to a holistic healer.

Dr. Ashok Anand has also written almost 300 articles on health and other social issues, published in South Asian media in the U.K. and Canada. He offers free Consultation to the patients by phone, online or even personally when available in a particular city or country.

He is also an internationally recognized author and motivational speaker. He is a social activist, political analyst and philanthropist. He along with his doctor friends and other like minded people, help the sick and poor in the society by meeting their medical expenses and even paying for their surgeries.

Dr. Anand is a Bachelor of Materia Medica with Diplomas from the UK in Herbology, Science of Nutrition and Stress management. He has also studied Management, Journalism and PR from Frankfurt Germany. 

He has been awarded for his meritorious services to the society by the Canadian Government.  Several distinguished awards have been conferred upon him by the Lions Club International and other Literary bodies in recognition of his contribution in the field of health and education worldwide. In Dr. Ashok’s words ‘Without appropriate knowledge of nutrition and diet, no medical system can do justice to its patients.’ I wish Dr. Ashok Anand all success in life.


Dr. David Woodbury, Ph.D, Montreal Canada

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