Dr. Ashok Kumar ‘Anand’, President – Yorks College, is based at Montreal in Canada and Birmingham in the U.K. He has Bachelors in Materia-Medica, HID in Herbology, Science of Nutrition and Stress Management from SNHS UK besides PG qualifications in Journalism, PR and Management from Germany. Dr. Ashok Anand has authored a 2000-page treatise with 800 illustrations, titled ‘Fundamentals of Herbal Medicine, Science of Nutrition, Human Anatomy & Body Systems’. He has also written over 300 articles on various health conditions and social and political issues, published in the South Asian media in the UK and Canada. He is Member of West Birmingham & Sandwell Hospitals NHS Trust, West Midlands, England; World Public Health Nutrition Association, USA; American Botanical Council USA  and West Montreal Counseling Center, Canada. He has been acknowledged in the field of education and health by the Government of Canada and Lions Clubs International. He is an excellent orator known for his lectures on the importance of health and education. Yorks College, under his guidance has been very successful in providing the best of the programs in Herbal Medicine, Science of Nutrition and Dietetics world over.

Dr. David L. Woodbury, an eminent Psychotherapist & Counselor in Canada, is a professional in the field having qualifications from Canada and Germany. He has authored many documents of international importance on Psychotherapy. He is associated with a well known Human Rights Organization in Montreal called Reseau d’intervention Aupres Des Personnel Ayant Subi La Violence Organisee i.e. RIVO and Canadian Traumatic Stress Network & Order – Des Conseillers et Conseilleres d’orientation et Des Psychoeducateurs du Quebec. He has dedicated his life in establishing the people who have had been displaced and persecuted in their own countries, as per the Refugee Law of the United Nations. He is based at Montreal Canada. He is an Advisor to Yorks College.

Dr. Rajesh Arora has extensive experience in alternative medicine, specializing in infertility in men and women. besides other medical conditions. He is expert in pulse diagnosis & Prakriti-vikriti analysis.  Based on the principles of Ayurveda, he has been successfully treating life style diseases like diabetes, hypertension as well as CVD.  Having a PhD in Naturopathy & Masters in Herbalism, he is a well known name in Jodhpur, Jaipur & Jaisalmer. 

Dr. Feroz Ansari is a very promising young doctor in medicine. He is a well known Consultant Physician in New Delhi. He is on the panel of some of the best Hospitals and Nursing Homes in India and is appointed presently as MS at BK Memorial Hospital in New Delhi. He is an expert into Patient Care as well as Hospital Management. He has been instrumental in helping the poor and under-privileged strata of society. He is associated with a number of Organizations associated with the cause of medical help to the poor besides the Indian Red Cross Society. He is a faculty with the Yorks College and controls Dietetics and Nutritional Sciences department.

Ms. M. Sussane is based at Wolverhampton, West Midlands in the U.K. She is a professional in HR Management with degree in Political Sc (Hons) and teaching qualifications from the UK. She has diverse international experience in teaching, trading and financial matters, internal and external communications, PR and exports and imports. Ms. Sussane is a Senior Faculty at Yorks College and manages the department of international student studies in the UK. She has been associated with the cause of providing free education to the deserving students in India. She is the living example of ‘Simple Living and High Thinking’ proverb in this twenty first century world and leads a simple life away from social and main stream media.

Dr. Chetan Kumar is a promising Physiotherapist in New Delhi. He is passionate about of responsibilities towards his patients.  He specializes conducting complex mobilization techniques; assisting trauma patients helping them walk again; educating patients and family members to get the best results and organizing physiotherapy and fitness programmes. He is working at Jaipur Golden Hospital and associated with Yorks College since three years. 

Mr. Bharat Bhushan, Managing Director, Yorks College for India Operations, is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from the world renowned NIT Durgapur, India. He has over three decades of diverse experience in the industry specializing into Business Development, Production and Logistics. His core competencies include Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Sourcing, Procurement and Exports of a range of engineering products. He is responsible for all the strategic planning corroborating to the requirements of international clients for developing and exporting the right services and products in line with the best industry standards and fair practices. He is an authority on Quality and Time Management, Leadership, Communication and other Soft Ski8lls. He is associated with Yorks College since 2003. Yorks College is proud to have been associated with Mr.Bhushan. He is also a faculty with Soft Skills department.

Wing Commander V.P. Singh, M.Sc., P.Sc.,Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, is an ex-Indian Air Force Senior Officer with further 10 years experience as CE, MD & President of a Singapore based airlines. Today he is a well known name in International Education and Relocation Industry based at New Delhi in India. He has been an Adviser to Yorks College since 2007. He is an authority on Australian, NZ and Canadian Education, PR, Investment and other relocation programs. He is exceptionally disciplined, sincere and professional. Yorks College has been marching ahead continuously under his mature guidance.

Er. Sanjeev Soni is an IT Professional based in Kansas City, the USA. He is a Graduate in Information Technology from the National Institute of Information Technology, Pune, India. He has Bachelors in Commerce with Masters in Business Administration as well. Mr. Soni has an enviable record of achievements in IT business and HR. He is a young professional with over 20 years experience at international level HR in IT, International Marketing and Trade, Data Analysis and Software Solutions. He is associated with Synechrone Group USA as Director. Mr. Soni is supervising the US operations of Yorks College.

Mr. Sunil K. Soni is associated with Yorks College since 2004 as a faculty. He has Masters in Personnel Management and a Bachelor’s in Arts with Business management qualifications. He has been recognized as an HR Solution provider besides CRM, Outsourcing, PR Projects, Data Management and Consumer Resources. He is an expert in international placements and relocations. With over fifteen years experience to his credit, he is a Sr. Executive with Build-on-line Technologies UK and Adviser to Star Outsourcing Group Pune, India.

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