Frequently Asked Questions

The students are advised to consult the following list of FAQs for any information regarding Yorks College, courses, admissions or any other inquiries. However, the students are advised to feel free to write, email or phone the concerned department of Yorks College in case required. The appropriate details are available on the ‘Contact Us’ page of this website.
Q: How many hours a week am I expected to study to complete my course?
A: There are no set study timings or rules. You can study as much or as little as you want. Its absolutely up to you. The sooner you complete your assignment & send back to us, the sooner you get your next assignment with course module.
Q: Do I have to attend any classes?
A: Not really.  Your course can be completed entirely form the comfort of your own home.  However, Yorks College keeps on informing its students to read extra contents from their own sources like the internet etc. or the local libraries.  Yorks College also recommends other books and periodicals from time to time which may help you attain more knowledge in your field of expertise.
Q: Are there any time limits for the completion of the course?
A: In most of the courses, this conditions does not apply, however, this varies from course to course. In any particular courses if there is any such thing, it would be mentioned in the listed course. However, exceptions can be taken care of.
Q: Do I have to sit an exam to quality?
A: In most cases the students are tested at the end of completion of an assignment e.g. if a course contains 20 modules, it will have 20 assignments to complete and at the end of each assignment, there will be a questionnaire to answer. On the basis of the grades received for each assignment, the students are awarded the Certificates and Diplomas. However, in many countries, the examination may be required which fact will be clearly stated in the course listing.
Q: Are there any Contact Programmes, seminars or conferences  which are compulsory for me to attend?
A: For the benefit of the students, Yorks College keeps on arranging contact programs depending upon the number of students in a given area and specialized faculty members guide the students in the classroom settings so that they get all the necessary help in all respects to complete their courses.
Q: If I have a question relating to my course, what I should do?
A: All students are able to email student support or can also call Monday – Saturday a faculty member assigned to their course on the telephone number provided at the time of enrolment or otherwise, can also write their teacher by post.
Q: Do I need to buy any additional books or materials for my course?
A: In general the course materials, books, sheets, assignments etc. are provided by the College and nothing extra is required. However, it is always better to have more study materials at your disposal so that your assignments are more competitive and you get through obtaining better percentage.
Q: What are the methods of the payments of fees?
A: Students can send Drafts or Cheques in favour of Yorks College U.K. in British Pounds, to Yorks College Canada in Canadian Dollars or to Yorks College New Delhi in Indian Rupees. The students from rest of the world may send their drafts or cheques in favour of Yorks College in US Dollars.  However, there is no restriction in sending the fees in a particular currency.  This system is just established for the convenience of the students.
Q: Can I pay the fees in installments?
A: Yes. Yorks College provides this facility to all its students. For details, please refer the website or the brochure  sent to you before your registration.
Q: If I enroll in  two separate courses simultaneously, will I get any discount?
A: Yes. Please call, write  or email for further details.
Q: Is their any age limits for enrolment in any or all of the courses?
A: There is no upper age limit set for any course.  However, the minimum age limit and the minimum qualifications are set in the criteria for admissions.  Visit the website, email, or write to confirm the eligibility criteria.
Q: How are my coursework and assignments assessed? Where do I have to send them?
A: Your course work can be forwarded to student support via email or post.  Your assignments will be assessed by the Course Instructor  where it will be also be graded. A written report will be emailed or posted back to you in detail.  Where listed, the exams will be conducted.
Q: How do I enroll?
A: You can enroll by simply filling the application form which is available on this website or you may ask the college for the brochure and application forms.  Fill the forms, attach the photocopies of the documents necessary for registration along with three passport size photographs, enclose the appropriate admission fee and you will be registered within 5 working days.
Q: Is there any fee for asking prospectus and application form?
A: Yes these days, printing brochures and stationery is quite expensive, hence, there is a nominal fee for that to cover postage and administrative charges etc.
Q: If I live in the UK, Canada, India or any other country, does it affect my registration in any way or there is any difference between the Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees awarded?
A: Your place of residence does not affect at all on any count.  Yorks College feels proud to claim that its students belong to many  countries like India, Canada, Africa, Middle East, China, Europe and others.
Q: Are there extra postal charges for those students who do not study through internet?
A: Yes, the college will charge a small one time administrative fee from the students who want their study materials by post.
Q: Is it possible to study one of your courses from outside of the UK and Canada?
A: Yes no problem. However, you will have to arrange to send us the Course Work and the assignments by email or by post.
Q: What I receive at the end of the course?
A: On the completion of your course successfully, you receive your Diploma or Degree (whatsoever you have opted for and completed) along with a Mark Sheet and a Personal Assessment Report by Yorks College highlighting your achievements.
Q: Will I be getting my Certificate by Post?
A: Where possible, we organize Certificate Award Ceremonies depending upon the number of students in a particular area, region or country.  However, if not, then the Certificates are sent by Courier Service or Registered Post as the case may be.

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